This unit seems to have it all.

The GX6500 VHF radio

  • can support two RAM4 wired mics
  • or one wired
  • and up to four RAM4W wireless mics.
  • all the stations can intercom with each other
  • and have full control of the base station including access to all the VHF and AIS data seen on the base’s big screen
  • the data may be shared with other boat screens via NMEA 2000 and 0183
  • record and play back up to two minutes of recently received VHF audio
  • and includes a dual zone hailer with programmed fog signals and listen back.

Combining VHF and AIS into one box means relatively good value and easy installation but the GX6500 is designed to the professional standard of individual antennas for each purpose (fitting an external splitter from one antenna is possible but performance may be diminished).

The GX6500 will have an AIS-receive-only GX6000 sibling, and both radios will allow users to place direct DSC VHF calls to AIS targets without typing in their MMSI number. But at press time, both models also await FCC approval before they can be priced and shipped.

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