We’re Annapolis Boat show bound

Well our next step of our 2020 Vision Journey is booked.  We are Annapolis boat show bound on Friday, 5 – 12 October 2017.

We’ve also booked into four days of Cruisers University.  We’ve were fortunate to get registered in the two day Diesel Maintenance course.  Why do we need to do this?  We feel that this training will provide knowledge and experience as we search for the catamaran that fits our needs.

The additional two days we have selected a series of courses from the schedule:

  • Offshore energy management and design – Paul & Kathy
  • Maintain your boat – Paul
  • The offshore galley – Kathy
  • Weather maps: What’s with all the symbols? – Kathy
  • Communications for cruisers – Paul
  • Modern navigation – Paul & Kathy
  • The efficient boat fridge – Paul & Kathy
  • Navigating the ICW – Paul & Kathy
  • Crossing the Gulf Stream – Paul & Kathy

We hope to get a great look at the catamarans and visit and meet up with others at brokerage bay.  It’s also our first time we are staying at AirBNB!

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