Kicked off the dock!

Okay, we werent really kicked off, but the Port Dalhousie Yatch club owner said he didn’t want people to think he was charging me for RVing on the public dock next to his Yatch club. LOL. We called and visited his club twice to ask if it was okay. They don’t answer the phone and the message box was full. For other RVers I recommend checking with the city…. No signs posted saying overnight parking prohibitted.

NEWS ALERT. We sold our house. It took Seth our realtor only 7 days. We are thankful.

We decide to have breakfast at Rozies restaurant. followed by a much needed haircut, I figured a pony tail would take too long.

The girls at the hair shoppe did a great job on the hair and reasonable price.

Back to our parking spot – maybe they didn’t like us taking two spots in the empty parking lot.

Anthony and his family joined us in haRVey!

It was a great night view and sunset. Loving the dream together.

The next day we were off to Niagara Falls and a Fun Pass for the kids.

Then off to a birthday party for our nephew Greg’s daughter.

After saying goodbye to Anthony and his family we headed to 50 Points Conservation area for two grand days of celebrating Kathy’s birthday.

We were so relax we ended up staying in bed watching videos and talking with people on the phone till 2 in the afternoon. I love this retiration.

We decided to head back to Kitchener begin the work of packing the house, changing our address and completing other paper work. The process of selling off some of our excess furniture went extremely well.

Saturday morning was a sad day for our family. Kathy’s brother Laurie, who had been struggling with cancer was taken home by his Lord. Laurie will be missed but his love will continue on.

We had great visits and will remember him fondly. Here he’s chatting with one of his kids about his grandkids.

We talked openly about his faith and the life celebration during the last four visits. As Laurie said to us….”if you don’t make it to the celebration, don’t worry I won’t be there either!”

Next time we’ll share about our friends Dave and Tania have us as join them camping and sailing.

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