Oh Canada!

It’s been awhile since we’ve been an Ottawa but it was a great trip along the Rideau River seeing some of the locks and the Beautiful views along country roads.

We had the opportunity to visit the Ottawa sanitary dump to look after our grey and black water. It was interesting to see the construction going on but what a large city Ottawa is and yet so very accessible.

We’re happy to stay with friends of ours Christina and Mike in their driveway of their house. Mike and Christina have spent the past year on their Catamaran sailboat High5.

We had fun having a barbecue and hanging out with the kids.

On our drive through the city of Ottawa all we got to see some great sites. One of those was an unusual hot dog stand. Not that I want to be in the hot dog business but if I was this is a pretty neat stand.

I get to see all these things and take pictures as Kathy loves driving and does it about 99% of the time. I capture as many of the neat things to share it with her and she does an awesome job of driving.

We drove by some really great buildings as we left Ottawa on our way to Deep River Ontario.

We have never stopped into the store Cabela’s, however we’ve heard that they sometimes have dump stations and boondocking so we took a quick side trip to their store off the highway.

We were greeted by a very friendly Fox flock of geese. These geese are decoys and I believe you can buy them for hunting. Kathy just mentioned to me that they’re not mannequins cuz I was going to call them I’m the mannequin in the family! She said mannequins are what you hang clothes on!

We enjoyed a really great breakfast after we arrived at Linda and Ian’s home the next morning. We went to Ralphton Ontario. and have a relaxing meal. Following that we drove along the Ottawa River and so many conferences of the beautiful landscape. The water seemed extraordinarily blue in the trees appeared to be greener than green. The backdrop of the dark blue sky was also very beautiful

Then we took a quick trip to the Quebec side of the river.

Well it wasn’t really the Quebec side of the river it was a little island that’s in the middle of the Ottawa River called Swisha. This island has some history. Ean told us tales of his younger days, the young people used to go to Swisha because the consumption laws for younger people to enjoy the beer and wine were slacker in Quebec. It would take the Quebec police lots of time to reach the island as they had to drive through Ontario to get to the island.

Prior of the construction of the hydroelectric dam in 1950, the village side was not an island the rising water flooded the old riverbed from the north through lake McConnell.

Just down river, the nuclear power demonstration – NPD site is going through a closure and clean. The NPD site is around 1000 acres, however, the decommission facility will only take up a small footprint which will be less than 1% of the original site. When the decommissioning work is complete the entire footprint area will be fenced and monitored by Canadian Nuclear Laboratories – CNL. The ventilation stack which is currently part of the plant will remain in place as it is I have attached to a protected species, the chimney swift, And leaving it in place ensures the best chances for the population survival. I wonder if the chimney swift will glow in the dark?

The Ottawa River provide some beautiful views and great opportunity for sailing and houseboating.

Linda wanted to ensure that we are really sold on the area and it was easy to do the boat and yacht club was very picturesque and well equipped with a government war and facilities for everyone.

Many people had houseboats out on the lake and it was just a pleasure going to visit. But the Ottawa River water level being very high there is lots of area to sail and the wind was just right. We’re looking forward to spending some time here in Deep River when Linda and Ean eventually get that house boat of their dreamsWe continued west on the road to North Bay and had a really pleasant trip passing by some beautiful views including a small town of Bissett which reminded us of being back in Nova Scotia. Roads were great condition and the water and use for a lovely we arrived in Northbay and went down and had a look out over Lake Nipissing We then drove down to the Huntsville area and stayed with our friends Karen and Char at their lovely Airbnb in Port Sydney. Honestly it’s hard to beat the view that these folks have with the lovely deck and floating dock. If it would have been a bit warmer I would have headed to the water and kayaked. It was one of those days that sitting playing games around a fire just made it extra special. A visit to this area isn’t complete without going to see Port Sydney falls. It is a great place to sit and relax and listen to the waterfalls tumble down over the rocks, it’s just a beautiful beautiful place. This is a an excellent example of a slide class waterfall. A slide class waterfall is a where the Muskoka river slides over the incline layer of bedrock and the result is more of a natural waterslide then a cascade of plunge. The waterfall is surrounded one side by a row of cottages. A publicly accessible side is where all the interesting ground is found with a wide open rocky area between the parking area and the waterfall. If you take a look at the rock surface it should be fairly obvious that the waterfall used to spill over at a wider area. Sometimes the places that you come upon are golden finds. This is one was just that. The Sugarbush Hill Maple Farm – the sugar shack in the middle of Muskoka. The four of us had a tour of the Sugar shack that was supposed be closed that day. We were given a private tour complete with samples. We got to tour the entire process and in doing so had a great time. There was a lot of history here and you could tell that there is a lot of heart from the antiques up collection buckets to the modern steamer. We were encouraged to climb up to the top and over look from the balcony._ththere were lots of treats to buy. I have to say I’ve been enjoying the maple syrup of pancakes that Kathy has been making. OK this is one of the nicest pictures I think I’ve taken over the past few days I love the locks at Huntsville just a really great place to visit although was raining the day they were here it was beautiful and the reflection on the water just made it look even better. The locks operate on the weekends now but during the summer they operate every day. We had the opportunity to stop in Huntsville and have lunch by the water which had other great views as well.Lets just say that the town of Huntsville is a really sweet place you can buy just about anything and we had a great time visiting here. I needed some help to carry out my order.But time flew by quickly and after being introduced to a game called king dominoes and losing quite badly it was time to say goodbye to Karen and Sharpe and take off to get home to pack up. Thanks so much see you guys for having us at your home that was really a great part of a restoration.( Well we take off and head back to Kitchener now but on the way we stop in Milton and decided it’s time to get a dinghy to tow behind this land yacht of ours. So we stopped in to Milton Toyota and talk to the folks there and we put a deposit down on our new “toad”, 2019 Toyota Corolla SE. a cool six speed standard that we will level tow using a Blue Ox towing system.Next Time we return home and finish off the packing of the house and end up with a couple of surprises.