Wrapping up!

A week in Binnegmans camp ground so we could get some important visits and matters looked after. Like laundry….

A movie and dinner date with our granddaughter Annie as she had to work and could not come to the family dinner.

The kids came for burgers before an evening out at the Bingemans Screamfest. I think I made them scream as we ran around outside in the dark.

We got to visit with Marina and then Diane and her grandson. Great games and breakfast.

After having a great lunch with the kids and grandkids we took off for Puddicombe Farms in Grimsby Ontario.

We just happen to get aboard the miniature train as it was being put away for the evening … A great ride.

We’re boondocking here in this great orchard as we have a 6 a.m. appointment to have our two coach chairs repaired. We’re happy that we were able to get them done before we leave Canada.

We love the giant trees with extra thick geographical bark.

The great side of early morning appointments is a early exit and getting on the road quickly.

So off we head to the Sarnia area to await our November 1st departure date.

We had the opportunity to boondock on a great rural farm. Lovely quiet setting. This was a great location for us to tour the area.

Shortly after settling we took a drive up to Point EDWARD. Point Edward is a village adjacent to the city of Sarnia in Lambton County. Point Edward sits opposite Port Huron, Michigan and is connected to it by the Blue Water Bridge, at the meeting point of the St. Clair River and Lake Huron. This afforded us some great beach walks and pictures.

When we’re out driving in this neck of the woods we’re bound to get a text or call from our friend Anne Yurkiv. Always glad to hear from Anne and especially with her ideas of what we should go see and who we would visit. Anne suggested that we double back to Strathroy and visit with her parents.

We missed their anniversary because we were sick and didn’t want to share that with them so we loaded up and drove to visit these highly experienced RVers. Tena and Grant were as excited about our upcoming adventures and we got to hear lots of stories of their adventures.

After a great lunch together, we left pumped up for what lies ahead. Grant suggested us take a great drive along the St Clair river and a awesome sunset.

We had a super last night in Canada, staying at the Starlight Casino parking lot with 13 other RVs.

And then we were driving the Blue Water Bridge to Port Hope Michigan…….