On the road again

It’s really quite amazing how time flies but then in some ways how it drags on. With the anticipation of the opening of the Canada USA borders we dream of the adventures ahead. So here we are back blogging our adventures.

Many times were asked are we excited for our trip ahead and when we reflect on the trip we see it as individual steps. And each day that passes we have great experiences and the ability for us to go and visit others, our friends and family before we go on to the next adventure.

So we’ve tried to capture below our first set of adventures as we launch into the 2021 adventure.

Well today started out as an awesome day. Our hosts for the past week Keaton, Maddie, Wanda and Justin not only entertained us but ensure that our RV look presentable as we hit the road. Keaton pressure washed our RV and cleaned our car.

No Keaton wasn’t just blowing off some steam he was giving our RV Harvey a great washdown.
Even our car Lilly got a bath, thank you Keaton.
Keaton made light work of this!

All good things must come to an end and we left Blenheim Ontario and headed to Windsor for an evening of boondocking with Boondockers Welcome. We were fortunate enough to stay on a host property about 15 minutes from the bridge to the USA.

Windsor, Ontario

It’s always great to visit the city but our stopover in Windsor was particularly great. We’re treated to an amazing dinner and visit with her friends Elizabeth, Luis, Claudia and Adamo. They spoiled us with dinner and a gift at LoneStar restaurant only. It was only a short 5 minute drive from where we had our rig parked!

Friends Elizabeth and “I need you to hold this” Luis!
Adamo and Claudia, across the road friends and neighbours
We had a great time visiting over dinner and dreaming of adventures we all are planning for the season ahead.

3:30 am departure

With the alarm set and ringing at 3:00, that is 3:00 a.m. we put up from a great sleep we’re having got dressed and got ready for the day.

Our first challenge was to move Harvey out of its parking spot and connect Lily to our towing bar. We’ve done this many times but we still take great care and connecting the car and the RV together. We have to do this on the street because the space that we’re in is a little tight for that. We then do a complete check of all the compartments to ensure they’re locked and a check of the lights and signal lights. With everything okay we head out towards the Ambassador Bridge and our transit to the United States of America.

Nothing out of the ordinary occurred along a route and we arrived after about a 15 minute drive. There was one single car in front of us that took about 2 minutes to clear customs and then it was our turn.

An Unusual Custom

The best way to describe our interaction with the border control officer is to recount the dialogue with him.

BCO: shut it off
Kathy passes our Nexus cards to the officer
BCO: you are Kathy where's Paul
Kathy leans back Paul leans forward from the passenger's seat
BCO: where you going
Kathy: Arizona
BCO: why
Kathy: vacation
BCO: what do you work at?
Kathy: we're retired
BCO: you can't go on vacation from doing nothing, you're going on a trip
BCO: when you returning
Kathy: April
BCO: how much money do you have?
Kathy: we have xxxx
BCO: Combined?
Kathy: we have xxxx Canadian
BCO: unlock the side door
Paul gets up, unlocks the door and foolishly opens it
Paul closes the door and stands bewildered as the BCO opens it and enters
BCO: sit down!
BCO flashlight in hand opens one covered shines a light in, opens fridge looks at the contents and looks in the freezer.
BCO: do you have anyone else's belongings in this vehicle.
Kathy: no
BCO exits the vehicle returns to his booth and hands Kathy our Nexus cards.
BCO: bye
BCO quickly slides his mirrored window closed
Kathy starts the rig and drives off!

Welcome back

The positive side of all of this was we were welcomed with signs saying “welcome back” and “free tolls”. They’re crossing took a maximum of 10 minutes and we were on our way to a new adventure that was ahead of us. No lineups no hassles and not even a question about vaccinations or proof thereof. The adventure continues The Best Is yet to come!

She’s such a great driver and has driven out rig across the USA four times and this will be the fifth.