Boondockers Welcome Us!

We decided to leave early in the morning to avoid any traffic and any tie ups at the border crossing however there wasn’t any and at 4 o’clock we drove quickly out of Detroit, south bound without incidents.

Neither of us like or enjoy driving in the dark and that combined with the fog that was laying low over the land made it a little bit uncomfortable, however as the sun broke and our kids began calling us to check in how we were doing we were increasingly excited. Our day was picking up and we knew that soon we would be at the home of our friends Sharon and Todd. We also we’re looking forward to seeing our traveling companions Dave and Rose would also meet us.

It wasn’t long before we were driving in that familiar and friendly Lane of Sharon and Todd’s. They have a lovely long driveway and a piece of paradise at the end of it.

We got to stay with Sharon and Todd and we’re spoiled to pieces with their hospitality.

Sharon and Todd – Boondockers Welcome extradonaire!

If it wasn’t the cooking and food they shared it was the walks together through their beautiful property, the camaraderie around a campfire, the paddle boat ride on their pond or just the time spent chatting about missed times together.

Delicious hash browns on the grill.
The night before Todd made an Asian meal with delicious grilled chicken fried rice and spring rolls. These two spoiled us to pieces and we love them.
Sharon and Todd treated us to a awesome chilli and dig campfire meal!
Sharon and Todd by their pond at campfire time we got lots of time to relax before the evening set in on our last night.

It was a double bonus for us because our friends Dave and Todd joined us and we introduced them to Sharon and Todd. It was a great time however we ensured that we kept a social distance and it was hard because we really missed these folks.

Molly, Dave and Rose

Sharon and Todd have a beautiful lit Forest Trail that we got to do at night and we got to enjoy immensely during the day as well.

There’s always time for reflecting on the water and on your friendship but it’s really the fun times that you have. Well we had fun times all the time were together. Just because there’s an outhouse doesn’t mean you have to go by yourself, well we had fun together and it was a great time with the group of friends.

Well all good things have to lead to more good things and was time to say goodbye to Sharon and Todd and head on our way to Nashville Tennessee.

A great time was had by all even with the social distancing.

And finally we hit the Natchez Trace our third time to travel this amazing North American beauty. The longest national Park in the USA. And here we get to do it with our friends Dave and Rose.

With our arrival and not just trace it opened up a whole new few days of traveling together and a whole bunch more of adventures …. next time.