Texas bound!

After a short stop at the Natchez Visitor Center we headed across the mighty Mississippi on the Natchez–Vidalia Bridge.

Natchez–Vidalia Bridge

We headed to a Corps of Engineers Campground on the Steinhagen Reservoir.  The sun was setting as we were arrivingat our sites.

Our friends Dave, Rose and Molly lead the way.

We had a beautiful campsite and decided to pull Harvey right into the site so we could have a fantastic view of the cypress trees.

The view our Harvey’s front window.

It was time once again to do the laundry so we went into Jasper,Texas to do some shopping and our laundry. 

We aim to do laundry at least every 10 to 14 days and find a commercial laundrymat. It takes us about 2 hours to do all of our laundry rather than having a washer dryer in our RV.
Kathy made our stay even better with a batch of homemade biscuits and with crushed strawberries this made a delicious dessert.

Our campsite was located at one end of the park or friends were at the other end so we headed 2 km ride every time we wanted to go visit.  We really enjoy our bikes for this purpose. They are electric assisted when we want to but because the campground was pretty level we’re able to pedal without using the electric motors most of the way.  We did get to enjoy the electric assistance some of the time.

The next day Kathy put her hand to making bread to spoil us again and it was great to have this treat when we’re on the road. She hand needs it and then puts it in a ceramic bowl that we bought and it Cooks in our convection oven.
Savalina plants are invading the Waters of the campground and much care is being taken to eliminate them. They had an airboat going through the bayou and spring for this plant. Signs at the boat landings indicate boats have to be pressure washed and cleaned down and dried so no seats are transferred to any other Lake. Although it was noisy with the airboats it was interesting to watch them work. In this picture they’re right in front of our RV.
We enjoy our time with our friends Rose and Dave and their puppy Molly. Here we are sitting out on the campground picnic table enjoying a beautiful warm day and having a game of pegs and jokers.
We decided to stay a couple extra days and even put out our lights to make it easier to navigate the ground around our RV. We were treated to the eclipse of the moon and it was beautiful seeing the moon shining over the bayou.
Midweek we decided we would transition to Sandy Creek Campground. This is another Corps of Engineer Campground located at the other end of the reservoir.  I was able to capture an egress who was fishing on the causeway going across the middle of the reservoir.

Sandy Creek

We moved to Sandy Creek and got an equally wonderful campsite with a boat dock right beside us. We were treated to some fabulous sunsets and had another great few days stay at the lake.

After we moved we got to travel around on our bikes and go for walks in this beautiful paradise.

Another boat launch at Sandy Creek.

Next time we head to the Gulf Coast…..