Gulf coast here we come.

A great Sunday drive through downtown Houston on our way. We enjoyed an easy transit. Kathy does a great job driving as Paul navigates!
Lots of parking!

Magnolia Beach is the perfect get-a-way and place for boondockers. You can drive directly on the beach with no fees. The first time we camped here we cautiously drove onto the shell based beach. We thought for sure we would sink in. No it didn’t happen. Rigs bigger than ours had gone before us. There are public restrooms and picnic tables available. The waters entry is shallow and there are no strong currents to worry about so it makes a great place for children to swim.

The view is mesmerizing and relaxing . A variety of rigs park here but with lots of space for anyone.

We get to park on a familiar section of Magnolia Beach right on Matagorta Bay.
We love the solitude of beach parking.

Biking is fun

Using our electric assisted bikes is a big part of our travel pleasure. Our bikes work like standard peddle bikes but can be used with assistance of the electric motor. Our bike are Ariel Rider bikes.

Taking a break at lands end along the Gulf of Mexico coastline.


On our biking adventures we discover the Canadian connection with this beach area!

CAVELIER born in France and came to Canada in 1667. He founded a first settlement near Montréal and led several expeditions on the Great lakes and the Ohio and Illinois rivers. In 1862 he completed an exploration of the Mississippi River. On July 24th 1684 LaSalle sailed from France to establish a colony of the month of the Mississippi River however he ended up arriving in Matagorda Bay here in Texas on the 15th of February 1685 and established Fort St Louis. Honest return to Canada on March 19th 1687 unfortunately met his demise and was murdered.

Beach Buildings

We love staying on this beach and would have stayed longer but it’s time to move South so in the next update will share pictures of our trip down along the coastline right to Brownsville where we get to stay for the month of December and celebrate Christmas and New years with our friends Dave and Rose.