The Crew

Hi there we are Kathy and Paul and we are excited as we gather knowledge and experience for our anticipated launch. Changes and retirement became a new opportunity on the 2nd of August 2018, so we’ll be moving up our plans and enjoying even more explorer time together.

Our 2020 vision was to retire and buy a catamaran to spend some some more quality time together. We took a purchasing, learning and research journey.

UPDATE: We are currently land cruising in the USA.

Still looking for Catamaran.


    1. Thanks very much. Last Thursday we began our training on Tides and Currents. And the manual reading of tables and charting ebbs and flows. All very interesting, and yet we are looking forward to learning what is available electronically. We’ve seen some of the chartplotters available that have great data built in.



  1. Great meeting you today in Weslaco and chatting about adventures. Will watch for your upcoming posts as you head West. Travel safe. Cheers! Don & Janet (Grand Bend, Ontario)



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