It was USA Thanksgiving

We decided to take a week to rest, tour and rejuvenate at Goliad State Park, Texas. This state pass is certainly paying off with great benefits. We don’t pay daily park fees and we get discounted campsites. We’ve seen a few people who commented on blogs and on Facebook that they spend lot of time picking up and moving and we are going to take a break.

We’ve used the strategy of no more than 300 miles a day, staying a place for at least 3 days, and don’t arrive after 3 o’clock. We’re calling it the three three 3-3-3. Well we have broken our rule almost every time we stopped. We really haven’t gone over 300 miles in the single day however we have arrived after 3 p.m. and that has not been a great experience.

Onto our story, we’re in Goliad, Texas. Goliad was a mission station that was founded in 1759.

The Civilian Conservation Corps rebuilt the the Mission Espirito Santo from plans, remaining walls and artifacts found on site.

We got to visit and stay at Goliad State park, you get the opportunity to tour around the Nuestra Señora del Rosario Mission and imagine what it would have been like so many years ago.

Nearby is the Presidio La Bahía, which was created to protect the mission but also famous for the location where Colonel James W Fannin and his men were massacred by Mexican troops.

We enjoyed our time in this state park, however we were put in the back parking lot, as I call it and not in the pull through sites where a lot of other campers were located. In the end it was really nice and quiet and there was only two of us back there for the second half of the week.

The first half the week we got to meet a family of folks originally from the Philippines.

We moved our vehicle so they could all camp together and we were invited to join them as they celebrated there annual gathering. Some of the folks that we met there were teachers from Houston and their kids. It was interesting to see them cook their food in a traditional Philippine way.

One of the reasons why we stayed in Goliad for a week was that it was the American Thanksgiving weekend.this is our first time to cook Thanksgiving dinner two times in one year and we took advantage of it because we both love turkey and had an awesome turkey dinner.

We also got to meet up for the couple of campers, Tim and Patty who stayed on Magnolia Beach at the same time. We have become Facebook friends with them and their two dogs.

With time on our hands and hours on haRVey’s generator we determine that we should take on the generator’s oil change.

We successfully changed the oil and put in new synthetic oil, the generator runs like a gem, giving us reliable electricity when we throw the switch.

With a week we decided to tour the small town of Goliad. This gem had a handsome town square.

With the down turn in economy over the years many the buildings although restored and looking in apparent great shape we’re not occupied.

One very large shop,

Square Gallery was full of antiques and collectibles from days gone by and even newer collectibles.

This included books and treasures collected by the two owners Kathy and Gaye. We got to visit with them and it was a great time. Lots of laughs and lots of history.

The county courthouse was a gem in the crown in the middle of this town square.

What also made this town special were the living oak trees that we’re not destroyed as the town was developed.

These trees were living right in the middle of many of the streets and we loved driving round the streets taking pictures of them and seeing how the street have been routed to go around them even the middle of some blocks of houses and stores.

Our location, afforded us the opportunity to go to the nearby town of Beeville.

Although there wasn’t a lot to see in do in this town there was some nice architecture and another great county building.

It was only about 30 miles to the west of Goliad so it was a quick trip.

We decided that we would drive back to haRVey, but then like every other trip we took another side trip and we thought we should investigate Cuero.

We decided to head north to small town called Cureo.

We had been told by other campers with their grandchildren that there was a really nice Christmas light display located in this town.

We drove the 30 miles north and definitely not disappointed. I think this is the biggest display of Christmas lights at we’ve ever seen.

The community had closed the summer playground swiming pools and county grounds and turned it into a magical drive thru with millions of lights or that’s what it seemed liked.

I don’t know if I mention there was an any snow!

Another day we got to visit the clinic here in Goliad. Kathy stepped on the side of her foot and we thought that she might have fracture to bone.

After an xray and a nurse practitioner visit, we received confirmation that all was okay….we could move along.

Before we left Goliad we went 30 miles to the east to a town called Victoria. We decided that we would buy some snaps and install our curtains directly to the wall around the windows instead of hanging them from a rod.

The curtains fit tight and provided some nice protection.

Victoria is the town with every store that you’d ever want to shop in. We got the snaps and headed to haRVey.

The next day we packed up and drove south though to Port Aransas. Here we took the free ferry across the harbour and ICW to the Padre Island National Seashore.

After we tested out the Sand to ensure that we would be comfortable parking on the beach here, we purchased a $12 annual pass for the Port Aransas Beach.

We took our car Lilly for a nice 7 miles drive up the beach.

The only sharks that we saw what were those that were selling souvenirs. Any RV has very little space to store trinkets.

haRVey and Lilly cathing some beach time in Port Aransas.

We took the opportunity to pick up provisions and set up on the lovely beach area.

Next time we head down highway 77 to Brownsville area.

On the road

We took the trip south via Fort Wayne Indiana and had an awesome stop at new friends and Three Red Barns hosts of BoonDockers welcome. We had a great visit with lessons in some favourite card games.

A trip to Elkhart and the RV museum was in order.

Because of a golf ball size rock our windshield needed replacement.

A trip and stay in Elkhart had us set up with a brand new windshield. The trip afforded us to Notre Dame University. The home of the fighting Irish.

We got on the road south again and had a great overnight visit at more new Boondocker Welcome hosts. An awesome stay, albeit short.

And then we were off for for the 444 mile Natchez Trace. We had stays in the free parks. Meriwether Lewis, Jeff Busby and Rocky Springs. Even with a downed tree and rain it was a great trail.

A trip to the deserted town of Rocky Springs. All that remains a church, a couple of wells and old trusting sages in the woods.

Our only departure from the trace was a trip to Tupelo Mississippi to the Tombigbee State Park for two nights. We also had the opportunity to visit the birthplace of Elvis Presley.

Then back on the trace to Natchez where we departed the and made tracks south towards Texas. A great but really rough drive over I10. We got to boondock in a Cracker Barrel. We had a beautiful sunset and a frosty morning.

…. And then we’re off to Texas…..