Bee line it….

With the house sale closing in a month we decide to head back to Kitchener.

A couple of very successful days of posting furniture for sale on FaceBook Marketplace we cleared out all we had. Now it’s time to play.

Off we went to Camp and Sail at Conestoga Sailing Club with our friends Tania, Dave and their three great boys. I had the opportunity to teach and play with the boys Koehandle, a Dutch card game.

Dave, Tania, Kathy, Paul, Bailey and Harvey.

We were part of the club hosting 10 Mennonite ladies…. Yes in their long dresses on three sailboats. This was their first time sailing!

We had a great sail,

Kathy was able to visit with Donna and Stephen while Paul sailed with Mike.

Thank you Gayle and Peter for the use of your boat.

A great dinner followed at the club hosted by the ladies. Great food.

Of course I’m showing you the dessert first it was frozen ice cream squares with strawberries. Yummy!

The second picture is a neat salad that was Jello and the little sailboats made of eggs and cheese. So creative.

The rest of the weekend was a great weekend with a treat from Dave and Tanya of our favorite libation, Bailey’s.

Dave Meijer took Paul for a sail on the boat he bought last year from us. We had some great wind and great time to chat about how the boat handles and how much he enjoyed it.

Next update we help the kids celebrate back to school at the Paris Agricultural Fair.

Kicked off the dock!

Okay, we werent really kicked off, but the Port Dalhousie Yatch club owner said he didn’t want people to think he was charging me for RVing on the public dock next to his Yatch club. LOL. We called and visited his club twice to ask if it was okay. They don’t answer the phone and the message box was full. For other RVers I recommend checking with the city…. No signs posted saying overnight parking prohibitted.

NEWS ALERT. We sold our house. It took Seth our realtor only 7 days. We are thankful.

We decide to have breakfast at Rozies restaurant. followed by a much needed haircut, I figured a pony tail would take too long.

The girls at the hair shoppe did a great job on the hair and reasonable price.

Back to our parking spot – maybe they didn’t like us taking two spots in the empty parking lot.

Anthony and his family joined us in haRVey!

It was a great night view and sunset. Loving the dream together.

The next day we were off to Niagara Falls and a Fun Pass for the kids.

Then off to a birthday party for our nephew Greg’s daughter.

After saying goodbye to Anthony and his family we headed to 50 Points Conservation area for two grand days of celebrating Kathy’s birthday.

We were so relax we ended up staying in bed watching videos and talking with people on the phone till 2 in the afternoon. I love this retiration.

We decided to head back to Kitchener begin the work of packing the house, changing our address and completing other paper work. The process of selling off some of our excess furniture went extremely well.

Saturday morning was a sad day for our family. Kathy’s brother Laurie, who had been struggling with cancer was taken home by his Lord. Laurie will be missed but his love will continue on.

We had great visits and will remember him fondly. Here he’s chatting with one of his kids about his grandkids.

We talked openly about his faith and the life celebration during the last four visits. As Laurie said to us….”if you don’t make it to the celebration, don’t worry I won’t be there either!”

Next time we’ll share about our friends Dave and Tania have us as join them camping and sailing.

Working for a Better World

We saw this quote in ESCAPEES RV magazine and thought it was very appropriate of our mindset.

It’s just too good not to share.

What are you doing to make your world a little better?

Being a good neighbor, a caring friend and doing a kind deed for a stranger things people remember and be glad that you pass through their lives.

All of us have a birth certificate to prove we were born and a will have a death certificate to prove we’re dead, but we need people to remember us to prove that we didn’t just sit on the tailgate of life and go along for the ride.

Kay Peterson


Niagara Canada region visit!

It’s been 10 days since I posted an update and stuff happens. So here’s a recap of the fun.

Breakfast before we leave

We started off our trip with family breakfast at Mel’s Diner Westmount and Ottawa before we left Kitchener. We had prepared our house for sale, however not listed until after the holiday weekend.

Service counters signs always make a statement, don’t you think?

Sicards Service Counter ?

We had a few repairs to haRVey. Because we bought from Sicard RV we decided we would get the best service from them, after all we got great sales service from our salesman Carm.

We arrived and were told us they could help us…. If we booked an appointment two months later in October! Carm helped along with Kathy calling Winnibego head office.

The service was fine by addressing:

  • Fridge door latch opening and dumping content
  • Levelling system not functioning in manual mode
  • One tire valve stem not permitting measurement to be taken or tire to be filled.

Well we had these addressed and Bill worked hard to get our tire valves working well.

BeesOn20 boondocking location

We boondocked at a local farm BeesOn20 in West Lincoln with awesome hosts Stu and Susie. They are hosts with Boondockers Welcome They generously had us in for a super family meal. We got to visit the bee hives and creek.

After two days we headed down to St. Catharines and beautiful Port Dalhousie.

We had a great location to park in Jim and Lisa’s office backyard. A busy weekend with rowing races on the long August weekend. They are also members of Boondockers Welcome.

We had a visit and stay over with our friends Dinah and Clarence. A great opportunity to connect.

Dinah and Clarence onboard

An early morning trip to take Dinah to her Sunday church commitment then a visit to Wingfest visit made for a fun Port day.

Paul and Kathy on Lakeside Beach

My favourite wings were the Parmesan and Garlic.
A second night stay in Port Dalhousie was on the pier. A great sleep and view.

Port Dalhousie harbour

Lots of activity along with Wednesday sailboat races. I got to help launch a sailboat with a crane at the Dalhousie Yatch Club.

Very friendly folks as I walked through and chatted.

Our next adventure was an adventure day in Niagara Falls Canada.

We stayed at Jellystone RV park. It was very poor value for an aged park. It did give us the facility to dispose of our used water and get fresh.

We enjoyed the activities if a Fun Pass and views from the Niagara Wheel.

You want to take one of e 42 pods in the wheel to the top for stunning views. They ate air-conditioned will 360°view.

This also afforded us the first Walmart boondocking experience. It was safe clean and gave us great shopping.

Nothing like a beach day to relax after a long day of walking and exploring. We took off and spent the day at Lakeside Beach.

We travelled to our first Harvest Hosts stay of our trip. Our guests we’re Murray and Lisa Puddicombe.

We were welcome to stay anywhere in the big parking lot of Puddicombe farms.

The next day we travelled to the Lake St dumping station for a free dumping. We then went to our friends Clarence and Dinah. Leah had fun in the driver’s seat.

We were treated to a great dinner out and had a great but windy and wet stay on the Port Dalhousie pier.

Next…. We get kicked off the pier by the owner of Port Dalhousie Yatch Club….. just because.

Urban Boondocking it’s our first

Our first Boondocking experience at our Kitchener friend’s home Miggs and Les last tonight!

What is boondocking?Boondocking, also referred to as Off the grid, Off the cord, Dispersed Camping, Dry Camping or Wild Camping are all names for camping or RV‘ing usually without any hook ups for water, electric or sewer.

Camping in a driveway, parking lot, forest, lake or anywhere that you can park overnight without fees.

Checkout Boondockers Welcome

It was great to stay over and catch up with our friends.

Les went out of his way to clear a path for us. We hope they get to join us on one of our escapades.

Here we are visiting in harvey with Margaret and Les.

Margaret was suitable impressed by Kathy’s parking ability. She backed in like a pro.

Thank you guys. It was a great stay.

Our first night with haRVey!

A great start to our first day. We are moving to Home”less” small time living.

Folks here at Hickory Grove Family Campground care very friendly. Peter and Flora nour neighbours blessed us with the use of their golf cart. We had a great sunset drive.

Our son Andrew made us great pads for our RV levelling blocks. He took the time to burn in haRVey’s name! Thank you Andrew.

We started off with a great drive. We are looking forward to an awesome week.

A traveller’s viewpoint

A friend sent these comments he read on a traveller he follows.

After two-and-a-half years traveling the USA and Canada as Full-Time RVers, I thought I would make a list of my favorites — Part 1.

Most beautiful place: Banff National Park. The Canadian Rockies have it all. A breathtaking view at every turn, great hikes, and a nice little town in Banff.

Favorite Road: Route 12 from Bryce Canyon National Park to Capitol Reef National Park. This white-knuckle drive will get the adrenaline pumping with its hairpin turns and sheer drop-offs but rewards you with incredible views.

Most breathtaking view: Grand Canyon South Rim. Crater Lake is a close second.

Best Federal campground: Corps of Engineers campground on the Snake River near Clarkston, Washington. It is on its own island in the middle of the river.

Favorite big lake: Flathead Lake, Montana. Check out the colors of the water against the backdrop of the Mission Mountains.

Favorite small lake: Bowman Lake, Glacier National Park. It’s off the beaten track where the tourists don’t usually go. Lake Moraine in Banff is a close second.

Favorite state campground: Topsail Hills on the Florida
Panhandle. Has all the amenities and a beach.

State with best parks: Florida is first. Oregon second.

Favorite State Park: Mt. Jacinto State Park, California. You have to take an aerial tramway to this gem high above the desert.

Best RV resort: Port Saint Lucie West in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. Beautiful, friendly, great facilities, near the ocean and shopping.

Best cave,: Florida Caverns State Park. Much more interesting than the larger Mammoth Cave National Park.

Favorite National Park: Bryce Canyon.

Best beach: Canon Beach Oregon.

Favorite city: Missoula, Montana. Big enough to have everything. Small enough to be friendly. Beautiful area.

Favorite town: Wallace, Idaho. The town that calls itself the “Center of the Universe” is still in the 1950s

Prettiest town: Sedona, Arizona

Favorite River: Rogue River, Oregon. It goes underground for 200 yards

Favorite National Recreation Area: Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, Utah. A little-known gem on the Green River.

Favorite Provincial Park: Porter Lake, Nova Scotia. The campsites aren’t much but the view is spectacular. Close to Halifax.

Favorite waterfall: Takakkaw Falls Yoho National Park, Canada. Close second is Multnomah Falls, Oregon

Favorite hiking locale: Jewel Basin north of Flathead Lake in Montana. The views are amazing and you might run into mountain goats. Close second is the five-mile circle hike above Multnomah Falls in Oregon.

Best Craft Beer: Conspiracy of Ravens, Pond Hill Farm, Harbor Springs, Michigan. Don’t usually like craft beers but this was exceptional.

Best Healthy Eats: Growing Season Restaurant, Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Best Scientific wonder: Tie: Meteor Crater near Route 66 in Arizona and Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta.

Best Ribs: Huckleberry ribs at Tamarack Brewing Company near Polson, Montana.

Most interesting person: Jerry Bradford, a ranger at Mammoth Cave, whose family has been guiding people through the cave since 1838 when his great-great-grandfather was a slave. Second is Rowdy Barry, a rodeo bullfighter and artist I met at a rodeo in Idaho.

Best store: Bass Pro Shops inside the Memphis Pyramid.

Most overpriced attraction: Seattle Space Needle

Most overrated place: Branson, Missouri. A dying tourist destination where everyone seems to be trying to sell you a timeshare.

Best public golf course: A tie between Olive Glenn Golf and Country Club in Cody, Wyoming and Connaught Golf Club in Medicine Hat, Saskatchewan

Hardest public Golf course: St. Lucie Trail Golf Club in Port Saint Lucie, Florida and Rocky Gap Golf Course in Maryland.

Best Escapees Park: Jojoba Hills in California near Temecula, California. It’s amazing what they done in the middle of the desert

Best musical event: Sunday afternoon jam session at the Frog Pond farm in Foley, Alabama. A southern style pot luck and jam session with top musicians. You have to email the owner to get invited.

Quirkiest sight: A piece of the Berlin Wall in rural Idaho near Sandpoint.

Land Locked but adventure pending

E4955CC4-22FD-4E36-8637-E033D846E5E1Well it’s been a busy spring and were now at a point of preparing your house for sale. After two weeks in the USA looking for a boat we were unsuccessful to find one that met our needs and our  Canadian cheque-book.

We have decided that we will downsize armour four bedrooms to a mini home!  It’s somewhat comical thinking that we started out 40 years ago together in the mobile home which was 12 feet wide and 58 feet long and now we’re going to move into one that is smaller. Really looking forward to the adventures that lie  ahead.  We may even find a boat!





Preparation surges forward

It’s been a very busy time. Kathy has put 5 weeks between her knee replacement and recovery is going excellent.

Our home continues to edge towards selling day. With seven rooms painted and five to go we are bouyed with excitement.

Retirement from fostering is only weeks away!

The Canadian Power and Sail Squadron Junior Navigator course (Celestial Navigation) is one third completed.

Our HAM radio license is another goal, however the book needs to be cracked open.

The search for our live-aboard catamaran albeit mostly fender kicking right now continues. We do have one or two top contenders and have reached out to insurance companies to ensure they are willing participants.

We watch many online videos and read a great deal to help prepare for a purchase.

All in all this winter period is a great season of preparation.